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For over 25 years Agronomix Software has developed software to help plant breeders, crop breeders and agronomists increase their yields and the productivity of their research.

AGROBASE Generation II® is designed with our clients' needs at the forefront. We understand how important your research is to you and have developed a solid and reliable system to help you succeed in your research while maintaining a competitive advantage and realizing a return on your investment. If you are a plant breeder, for example, this means an increase in the probability of developing and releasing a royalty-paying variety or hybrid. Meeting our clients' latest needs forms the foundation of our continuous software development. Every new version contains improvements based on the requirements of real researchers worldwide.

The current version of AGROBASE Generation II® has been adopted by Seed Companies, Government Institutions and Academic Centres in over 40 countries. Agronomists and breeders working with small grains, maize, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, groundnuts, potatoes, canola, cotton, forages, vegetables, flowers, oil palm, and other crops are among our clientelle. The software is also well adapted to variety testing programs. AGROBASE Generation II is a relational software system which utilizes Microsoft® SQL-Server or SQL-Express and can run over Citrix® or VPN connections.

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Training Course: Frankfurt 2018
January 22 - 26, 2018

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AGROBASE Generation II: 38.15.1


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Agronomix Software is proud to be part of Seed Worlds' INSIDERS by Seed World magazine in recognition of our expertise in being the industry leader in Plant Breeding Software and Data Management Solutions to the seed industry.

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