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AGROBASE Generation II

AGROBASE Generation II®

Plant Breeding Solution
The CORE System of AGROBASE Generation II
Offering Data Management, Experiment management, and Statistical Analysis. Each Generation II license starts with the CORE System and builds on it according to your needs. You can tailor this system to work for you and your organization. We support the installation and use on standalone-PCs, local area networks (LANs) and over Citrix / ZenApp® and the Cloud.

The Core or “Agronomic” System organizes all research data relationally and provides the functions and features for conducting agronomic, or plant research trials. This is the “core” of AGROBASE Generation II, and all the other optional modules may be licensed according to the requirements of the user’s research program.

Data Management

  • Stand-alone PC license or multi-user license for a central server with controlled and secure user access.

  • Experiment design and management for many complete block, factorial, incomplete block and non-replicated designs.

  • Analyze balanced and orthogonal designs, lattice designs, and non-replicated or strip trials.

  • Means and summary statistics stored in the SQL Server database. Generate reports with means, ranks, percent of checks, and more.

  • Field planting plans, sowing  order lists.

  • Efficient data import and export for Microsoft Excel®, ASCII text and other file types.

  • Define and manage traits for each database, access data immediately in a spreadsheet-like interface.

  • Comprehensive support for all stages of variety testing, organizing and managing hybrids and varieties.

  • Full support for perennial (forage, tree) experiments, sub-sampling.

  • Labels, reports, barcodes.

  • Analysis of covariance, regression, correlation, descriptive statistics, and other biometrical analyses.

  • And much more ... please contact us for more information.

Advanced Statistics
This module goes beyond the CORE System's more common biometrical procedures for basic data analysis of variety trials and agronomic experiments.

This module supports the randomization and analysis of more advanced experimental designs, spatial analyses of yield trials, multivariate analyses, and other advanced statistical analyses.

  • Randomization and analysis for more complex experimental designs.

  • Spatial analysis of variety trials.

  • Generalized linear models (GLM) analyses.

  • Randomization and analysis of genetic experiments.

  • Multivariate, non-parametric analyses.

  • Much more … please contact us.

Image Display
Enables the display of images for genotypes, plots, experiments - and more - as related to the research data. You can link an almost unlimited number of images to display the growth stages, flower colour or shape, plant components and characteristics, even molecular markers. You can also link images to any trait or even link many images of an individual experiment, entire trial, or a location to help you remember what the experiment or trial looked like years ago.

Generation II can store more than numeric, date, and character data. With this module, you can display digital images throughout Generation II.

  • Display images with varieties and genotypes, and their data.

  • Display images for traits, such as different stages or types of disease reactions or insects, different scores for growth stages, and more.

  • Display images for an experiment at each location or environment to help remember the experiment’s growing conditions.

  • Design and view reports with data and images.

  • And much more … please contact us for more information.

Plant Breeding
The Plant Breeding Module supports the plant breeding needs of many types of crops. In addition to self-fertilizing crops, this module also supports clonal crops, crops with cytoplasmic male sterility, cross-pollinating crops, open-pollinated crops, and polycrosses and synthetics common to some grass breeding programs.

The Plant Breeding module covers the needs of annual field and vegetable crops, perennial crops, flower and horticultural crops, and more. There are many tools for customization since cross designations, population advances, naming designations and more can be quite specific to crops and even among breeders working with the same crop.

The main features are:

  • Nursery design and management, with many mating layouts for crossing and hybrid development.

  • Support for breeding methods in many crops – self-pollinating, cross-pollinating, clonal, polycrossing and synthetics, hybrid development, doubled-haploid, cms systems.

  • Development of segregating populations from F1 to Fn, and /or clonal stages.

  • Germplasm management system.

  • Customization for pedigree nomenclature and genotype naming.

  • Cross prediction, gca and sca estimation.

  • Response to selection tools, data linkage across generations, dendograms.

  • And much more … please contact us for a more information.

Seed Inventory
This module will handle seed lots, seed traits, seed allocation and much more – all fully integrated within AGROBASE Generation II.

The main features are:

  • Single or multiple seed lots for any genotype, with all transactions maintained.

  • Allocate seed from seed inventory for experiments or nurseries.

  • Manage seed lot groups – create, sort, edit, delete, assign to locations.

  • Manage seed lots – split, merge, create, delete, add or remove seed, assign to a seed lot group.

  • View a complete history of transactions for all seed lots.

  • Print reports and labels from seed inventory.

  • And much more ... please contact us for more information.

Varietal Comparisons
This module compares relative performance of varieties or treatments within a trial or across all trials, locations, and years, and also analyzes genotype x environment (GXE) interactions.

This module provides tools and biometrical procedures for identifying the superior genotypes for selection and advance to the next stage of testing. The same tools and procedures assist in probably the most critical decision in a variety testing program – identifying the best variety or hybrid for release.

  • Genotype x Environment (GXE) analyses of varietal data across locations or environments.

  • AMMI (Additive Main effects and Multiplicative Interaction) analyses.

  • Performance grids for varieties against checks for specific interaction patterns and adaptation.

  • Head-to-Head analyses.

  • Multiple trait selection indices.

  • Multi-Year summaries.

  • Index-based queries of genotypes from the SQL Server database

  • And much more ... please contact us for more information.

System Requirements

AGROBASE Generation II® is a Microsoft Windows®-based software product running on Windows® 2000 Service Pack 2 or later, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 (users must have Admin access rights for installation, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the aforementioned operating systems are supported). Although AGROBASE Generation II may run on less, we recommend an Intel Core i3 or higher processor for optimum performance. RAM should be a minimum of 2GB or higher. The AGROBASE Generation II installation requires 200MB free disk space.

The user’s data files will require at least 25MB for a small research program, up to 1GB, or more, for a larger research or breeding program.

AGROBASE Generation II also runs on Windows Server®2008 or higher (both 32 or 64-bit versions) and peer-to-peer network systems running on Windows®2008, or later. We support the installation and use of AGROBASE Generation II over Citrix®, RDP and Terminal Server® connections. AGROBASE Generation II requires SQL Server 2008 or later, SQL Server Express (free from Microsoft) and SQL Server Standard Edition.

Live Internet Demo

Your Personalized Demo Over The Internet

Would you like to have a personalized demonstration of AGROBASE Generation II on your own computer?
After viewing some of our tutorials maybe you have some specific questions which require a demonstration, maybe even with your own data?

Then you can request a personal demonstration of Generation II.

Here’s how our demonstrations over the internet work:

  • Contact us at to arrange a compatible time given the realities of global time zones.

  • We will send you a password to access a special web site that will connect your computer to ours.

  • Once connected, you will see on your monitor what appears on ours.

  • We then demonstrate Generation II to you, discussing with you any specific questions or needs you might have. You could have previously sent us some of your data files which we could then import into Generation II ‘live’ while you watch, and then proceed with further steps to show you how to effectively use the software for your own research program.

  • You can also attach an LCD data projector to your computer and display the demonstration on a large screen for a group of colleagues in your organization. By using a speaker phone on your end, we can talk to you and your colleagues if you prefer. A number of organizations have done this, and found it very effective.

Getting Started With AGROBASE Generation II®

Connect to R

Connect to R
AGROBASE Generation II and R
Software Link

Agronomix Software, Inc., has developed a data link to the open source R statistical software , used increasingly worldwide. We have developed this link in response to the requests from our users worldwide. To use this powerful statistical software with AGROBASE Generation II, the user must first download R from their desired CRAN (, install on their computer or server since it is not at all distributed with AGROBASE Generation II. With our documentation, our users can establish the link with AGROBASE Generation II. We have developed R-scripts for the statistic analysis of a number of experimental designs, including multi-location and multi-year, especially when the data is more unbalanced. While AGROBASE Generation II has its own suite of statistical analyses, this link to R provides access to more advanced statistical analyses for our users. This link offers some exciting possibilities for agronomists, plant breeders, and plant scientists.


Access to REML, mixed model and other advanced analyses for users of AGROBASE Generation II. Recent research in biometrics has shown the advantages of such analyses – now AGROBASE Generation II users can benefit from these analyses and have the resulting entry or factor means stored automatically, seamlessly, in AGROBASE Generation II. There are more and more packages being released each year with statistical analyses and tools. This will save a lot of time and effort, and is much more efficient than using the means import facility in AGROBASE Generation II.

User-developed scripts to more fully harness the capabilities of R. AGROBASE users are not limited to the R scripts provided by Agronomix Software. For users who are more adept at R and can write their own scripts, then with a few modifications regarding data transfer they can extend the analytical capabilities of AGROBASE for their own benefit.

Relational storage of field trial and plant breeding data together with advanced biometrics. R users who would like to ‘warehouse’ all their research data in a fully relational software system and not worry about managing many files now can benefit from AGROBASE Generation II in an efficient and direct manner. This will undoubtedly improve the productivity of R users. If you do not installed R on your computer, or not that familiar with R, please see the R web site at R-Project.


Agronomix Software, Inc. is pleased to offer AGROBASE Cloud® available to all existing AGROBASE Generation II users as well as new clients! We are a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Network. We use Microsoft Azure® and Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacentres worldwide as the hosting environment for AGROBASE Generation II. This means you can stay current with the growing trend of software being offered as a service accessible “from the cloud” with both AGROBASE Generation II and your data accessible via the internet on a secure server at a remote datacentre. Instead of you having the worry of maintaining a personal desktop computer or server with your data and a software data processing package, we can help you focus on what you do best – variety testing, hybrid and varietal development – and let us take care of your software solution needs.

Consider the following benefits:

  • No need to purchase servers. Don’t worry about hardware – access to virtual servers is included with AGROBASE Cloud. We will assess your computing requirements for AGROBASE Generation II and arrange the appropriate computing resources on the cloud for you.
  • Scalability. As your computing needs increase, we will advise on hardware and software requirement for you. We can make the necessary changes for you in a few hours – it is that simple!
  • Installation. We install AGROBASE and all the additional programs required to effectively begin with AGROBASE. Existing AGROBASE users can easily migrate to AGROBASE Cloud by backing up their AGROBASE SQL databases and sending them to us for uploading to the Cloud. No surprises, no issues, just let us arrange all this for you. You just log in when all is ready!
  • Global data access. Let us set up the data access for you so that you can run AGROBASE remotely from anywhere in the world. You enjoy maximum mobility and flexibility – from the office, at home or while travelling.
A secure cloud with key
  • Never worry about backups. Good industry practise requires storing complete backups at a location off your premises. Losing your data could be devastating for your organization. Let us arrange backups on the Cloud, and advise how you can download backups to your premises from the remote data centre.
  • Data security. Enjoy industry-standard security and privacy for your data. You control who accesses your data. Reduce risk from hackers, ransomware, viruses, worms and more. The IT world has become plagued by such threats, which are real and can seriously impact your data and its processing. While no data centre is 100% immune to such threats and dangers, you can rest assured that the best and latest security technologies are working for you 24/7.
  • Disaster recovery. What if your organization experienced a flood or fire, for example? Where would your data be now? Over 80% of businesses never recover from such a disaster. Worldwide datacentres are the best defence for disasters.
  • Upgrades and bug fixes. When you are ready, let Agronomix Software upgrade or update your version of AGROBASE to the latest version, all done seamlessly. We take care of all the specifics and requirements, so that you can always be up to date.
  • No need to become a MS SQL-Server® expert. Maybe there is little or no expertise concerning Microsoft SQL-Server in your organization. With AGROBASE Cloud, we take care of this for you. No worries!
A secure cloud with key
  • No maintenance worries.Server upgrades, OS changes, connectivity issues, and more, require attention over time. Let Agronomix Software take care of this for you via AGROBASE Cloud.
  • Faster technical support. Should you have a technical support issue in using AGROBASE, you only need to give us temporary access to your AGROBASE SQL database and we can directly see the support issue and quickly take action for a bug fix, advice, or to install an update. Faster and easier than an internet web session or sending us your database.
  • No need to out-source. Since we know AGROBASE and its IT requirements better than anyone else in the world, we are more than able to deploy and maintain AGROBASE for our clients, in addition to all the support already provided for our AGROBASE users. You save a lot of time and effort which could otherwise detract from your business goals.



Making data collection easier allowing you to focus on developing the next royalty-paying variety.

A fully relational data collection application running on MS Windows® based tablets for use with AGROBASE Generation II®

Take your data with you ... wherever you go ... upload with only a few clicks


  • Experiments and nurseries can be loaded onto the tablet, edited in the field or greenhouse and then seemlessly syncronized back to the AGROBASE Generation II database.

  • MS.NET®-based application with MS SQL-Server Express® database.

  • Store, edit and update hundreds of experiments and nurseries.

  • Controlled application and database access using the same user accounts and passwords you are used to in AGROBASE Generation II(SQL).

  • A high-level of user-customization and two data editing methods.

Data Access

  • Touch, tap, drag and drop...with all the features of the operating system.

  • Access the AGROBASE database directly to syncronize data with your tablet, without opening AGROBASE Generation II® (SQL)

  • Quickly download experiments, nurseries and planting plan sites from AGROBASE databases.

  • Store many experiments and nurseries in the tablet - limited only by the tablets' internal memory.

  • Synchronize one, many or all experiments and nurseries with a single action.

Data Editing

  • Edit data in spreadsheet view or individual plot view.

  • Add traits to experiments and nurseries.

  • Take digital photos of plots, an experiment or a nursery for upload to the database.

  • Filter and sort data.

  • Group data by any field for easier editing.

  • Remembers the last-used experiment or nursery and loads it automatically the next time you start the application.

  • Quickly customize the column displayed in the spreadsheet view by dragging columns out of the grid to hide them.

  • Enhanced editing features embedding into the virtual keyboard.

  • Information header displays important information for the current experiment or nursery.

  • Navigation buttons to move to the previous plot, the next plot, the previous range and the next range.

  • Customize the spreadsheed font and display colours to improve visibility in high light conditions.

Tablet Requirements

We have received many requests for recommendations of a Windows-based tablet for AGROBASE Tablet®. While we cannot recommend any specific tablet because user’s needs vary, hardware changes and the Windows tablet market is forever changing, however the minimum specifications to run AGROBASE Tablet® are:
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (Home, Standard, Enterprise, Professional, Ultimate, but NOT RTM)
  • Minimum dual core Processor
  • Minimum 1 GB hard disk drive
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Most tablets have both WIFI and LAN connection and sometimes 3G, 4G -- any of these connections can upload and download to the central SQL Server.