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Live Internet Demo

Your Personalized Demo Over The Internet

Would you like to have a personalized demonstration of AGROBASE Generation II on your own computer?
After viewing some of our tutorials maybe you have some specific questions which require a demonstration, maybe even with your own data?

Then you can request a personal demonstration of Generation II.

Here’s how our demonstrations over the internet work:

  • Contact us at to arrange a compatible time given the realities of global time zones.

  • We will send you a password to access a special web site that will connect your computer to ours.

  • Once connected, you will see on your monitor what appears on ours.

  • We then demonstrate Generation II to you, discussing with you any specific questions or needs you might have. You could have previously sent us some of your data files which we could then import into Generation II ‘live’ while you watch, and then proceed with further steps to show you how to effectively use the software for your own research program.

  • You can also attach an LCD data projector to your computer and display the demonstration on a large screen for a group of colleagues in your organization. By using a speaker phone on your end, we can talk to you and your colleagues if you prefer. A number of organizations have done this, and found it very effective.