AGROBASE Generation II® - Software as a Service

Agronomix Software, Inc. is pleased to announce AGROBASE Cloud™ available for our existing AGROBSE Generation II users as well as new clients! We are proud to be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network. We use the Microsoft Azure® datacentres worldwide as the hosting environment for AGROBASE Generation II. This means you can stay current with the growing trend of software being offered as a service accessible "from the cloud" with both AGROBASE Generation II and your data accessible via the internet on a secure server at a remote datacentre. Instead of you having the worry of maintaining a personal desktop computer or server with your data and a software data processing package, we can help you focus on what you do best – variety testing, hybrid and varietal development – and let us take care of your software solution needs.

Consider the following benefits:

  • No need to purchase servers. Don’t worry about hardware – access to virtual servers is included with AGROBASE Cloud. We will assess your computing requirements for AGROBASE Generation II and arrange the appropriate computing resources on the cloud for you.
  • Scalability. As your computing needs increase, we will advise on hardware and software requirement for you. We can make the necessary changes for you in a few hours – it is that simple!
  • Installation. We install AGROBASE and all the additional programs required to effectively begin with AGROBASE. Existing AGROBASE users can easily migrate to AGROBASE Cloud by backing up their AGROBASE SQL databases and sending them to us for uploading to the Cloud. No surprises, no issues, just let us arrange all this for you. You just log in when all is ready!
  • Global data access. Let us set up the data access for you so that you can run AGROBASE remotely from anywhere in the world. You enjoy maximum mobility and flexibility – from the office, at home or while travelling.
A secure cloud with key
  • Never worry about backups. Good industry practise requires storing complete backups at a location off your premises. Losing your data could be devastating for your organization. Let us arrange backups on the Cloud, and advise how you can download backups to your premises from the remote data centre.
  • Data security. Enjoy industry-standard security and privacy for your data. You control who accesses your data. Reduce risk from hackers, ransomware, viruses, worms and more. The IT world has become plagued by such threats, which are real and can seriously impact your data and its processing. While no data centre is 100% immune to such threats and dangers, you can rest assured that the best and latest security technologies are working for you 24/7.
  • Disaster recovery. What if your organization experienced a flood or fire, for example? Where would your data be now? Over 80% of businesses never recover from such a disaster. Worldwide datacentres are the best defence for disasters.
  • Upgrades and bug fixes. When you are ready, let Agronomix Software upgrade or update your version of AGROBASE to the latest version, all done seamlessly. We take care of all the specifics and requirements, so that you can always be up to date.
  • No need to become a MS SQL-Server® expert. Maybe there is little or no expertise concerning Microsoft SQL-Server in your organization. With AGROBASE Cloud, we take care of this for you. No worries!
A secure cloud with key
  • No maintenance worries.Server upgrades, OS changes, connectivity issues, and more, require attention over time. Let Agronomix Software take care of this for you via AGROBASE Cloud.
  • Faster technical support. Should you have a technical support issue in using AGROBASE, you only need to give us temporary access to your AGROBASE SQL database and we can directly see the support issue and quickly take action for a bug fix, advice, or to install an update. Faster and easier than an internet web session or sending us your database.
  • No need to out-source. Since we know AGROBASE and its IT requirements better than anyone else in the world, we are more than able to deploy and maintain AGROBASE for our clients, in addition to all the support already provided for our AGROBASE users. You save a lot of time and effort which could otherwise detract from your business goals.

If you are interested or have questions CONTACT US for more details or a quote for the AGROBASE Cloud service level that would best suit your needs.

Do you want trial access? We can give you temporary access to AGROBASE Cloud for your own evaluation.