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Relational Software Solution
You say that AGROBASE Generation II is a “relational” software solution for agronomists, plant breeders, and plant researchers. But what exactly do you mean by “relational?”

By “relational”, we mean that all the data is connected, linked, or “related” by variety names, experiment names, data field names, and more, through a system of linked and indexed files. For Generation II, we call this a “research group” of well over 100 such files. Consequently, there is no one file that holds all the data for a given experiment. This is entirely different from software systems that simply process independent, “flat” files. This offers many advantages not possible or difficult to implement when working only with flat files. There are many significant advantages, like instantly viewing all the data for any given variety, or showing all the plots in all years where a variety was planted, or displaying data in a breeding program down past generations for any genotype or population. You can also quickly view just the data for an entire location, or year, or group of experiments, or easily compare one variety against another across years and locations. Or, you can analyze data from many experiments quite readily and quickly.

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