AGROBASE Success Stories

Andy Andrahennadi                                                          
Piet Arts                                                                  
P. Stephen Baenziger                                                       
Gina Bishop                                                                
Willem Botes                                                               
Dr Pengyin Chen                                                            
DJ Exley                                                                   
Francois Koekemoer                                                         
Geoff Hildebrand                                                           
Amir M.H. Ibrahim, Ph.D                                                    
Ilmar Tamm                                                                 
Maryke Labuschagne                                                         
Eugene Lacefield                                                           
Dr. Gerald O. Myers                                                        
Gary Shelton                                                               
Hussein Shimelis                                                           
Barry Tillman                                                              
Tim Welsh                                                                  
Pamela Zwer, PhD                                                           
Photograph / No Image Available Andy Andrahennadi
Senior Commercial Hybrid Breeder
Viterra Inc.

Thank you and your team for developing a truly amazing Plant Breeding & Agronomy software. As a hybrid canola breeder running a multi-faceted and comprehensive commercial hybrid program this is what I have been waiting for. I have been using your AGROBASE software for the last 15 years and AGROBASE Generation II based on SQL server is a very well assembled software. We at Viterra have been using the Generation II for more than one year now. I have used many functions including importing very large inbred databases, making crossing populations, using crossing nursery populations to create a few thousand canola hybrids in Chile, field nursery designs, preliminary and advance yield trial designs with a multitude of designs, tester programs using Line X Tester design etc. Also, we are actively using update functions to import a large amount of oil quality data from the chemistry lab and we have established molecular marker, quality assurance and disease evaluation databases as well. All of these functions are working with extremely high level of accuracy and exceeded my expectations of this software. The beauty of the crossing nursery to create hybrids is one of my favorite features of your software. Thanks to this feature, now I can create thousands of canola hybrids destined for hybrid tents in a few hours which took me over a week using normal spreadsheets!!! More and more as I learn this software, I understand the power of "Relational Database". Having massive amounts of data in one place including the hybrid name, female name, female pedigree, male name, male pedigree and their static traits is very powerful information that the breeder can pull out of the system from anywhere any time. In brief, we are fully utilizing your software to develop varieties in three important crop species.