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AGROBASE Generation II and GenStat

Software Link

Agronomix Software, Inc., has collaborated with VSN International in the UK, developers of GenStat, to develop a direct software link so that registered users of both software packages might realize the significant benefits of using them together. GenStat, a renowned statistical package used worldwide, has a strong history of developing statistical analyses relevant to agricultural field trials. Since the focus of AGROBASE Generation II is field research data, this collaboration offers some exciting possibilities for agronomists, plant breeders, and plant scientists.

Specifically, VSN International has developed new GenStat procedures so that their registered users can store means and related statistics from ANOVA and REML analyses directly in Generation II through a special interface developed in Generation II by Agronomix Software. The procedure library and associated Help documentation are available directly from VSN International. This new feature is available in AGROBASE Generation II as of version 14.

The benefits of this software link are significant, and include the following:

Access to REML or mixed model analyses for users of Generation II. Recent research in biometrics has shown the advantages of such analyses – now AGROBASE Generation II users who are also licensed users of GenStat can benefit from these analyses and have the resulting entry or factor means stored automatically, seamlessly, in Generation II. This will save a lot of time and effort, and is much more efficient than using the means import facility in Generation II. If you do not have license for an installation of GenStat, please see the VSN International web site.

Benefit from other analyses in GenStat. AGROBASE Generation II users may access other analyses in GenStat, although the means will not be stored. Results can be printed as usual, or saved.

Relational storage of field trial and plant breeding data for users of GenStat. GenStat users who would like to ‘warehouse’ all their research data in a fully relational software system and not worry about managing many files now can benefit from AGROBASE Generation II in an efficient and direct manner. This will undoubtedly improve the productivity of GenStat users. If you do not have a license for an installation of GenStat or would like more information on GenStat, please see the VSN International web site at