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For 29 years Agronomix Software has developed plant breeding software helping plant breeders, crop researchers and agronomists with yield increases, data management, data analysis, seed inventory and increased research productivity.

AGROBASE Generation II® has been developed over 17 years to be the highest relational database and plant breeding software available, utilizing Microsoft® SQL-Server or SQL-Express and can run over Citrix┬«, on The Cloud or VPN connections.

Genovix® was launched at the International Seed Federation World Seed Congress 2019 in Nice, France and builds on our long history and experience in developing variety testing and plant breeding software. It is designed using all the latest application technologies and sits on the robust Microsoft® SQL-Server.

Our software is designed with our clients' needs at the forefront. We understand how important your research is to you and have developed a solid and reliable system to help you succeed in your research while maintaining a competitive advantage and realizing a return on your investment. If you are a plant breeder, for example, this means an increase in the probability of developing and releasing a royalty-paying variety or hybrid.

Meeting our clients' needs forms the foundation of our continuous software development. Every new version contains improvements based on the requirements of real researchers worldwide.

AGROBASE Generation II has been adopted by Seed Companies, Government Institutions and Academic Centres in over 40 countries. Agronomists and breeders working with small grains, maize, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, groundnuts, potatoes, canola, cotton, forages, vegetables, flax, millet, respberries and other crops are among our clientelle. The software is also well adapted to variety testing programs.

We utilize the advanced analytic and data visualization tools of open-source R, which is evolving rapidly, to empower our customers with an increasing array of biometrical and bioinformatic tools for their research.

AGROBASE Generation II®

AGROBASE Generation II, has been used all over the world since its launch in 2002 and is currently used in over 40 countries by plant breeders, variety testers and research scientists in companies, government institutes and universities.

Using Microsoft SQL Server® your data is safely stored in a highly relational central storage database which allows fast recording of treatments and traits as well as the reports you need to make the best decisions about your research program.

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Let us handle all the IT, connectivity, updates and distractions that take you away from what you do best: developing the latest and greatest royalty-paying hybrids and varieties.

Using industry-standard data transport protocols and the highest level of encryption available through the highly trusted Microsoft Azure platform, AGROBASE Cloud enables you to control your data securely through a variety of connection options.

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Collecting data in the field or the greenhouse has never been easier. AGROBASE Tablet runs on Windows® tablets and can be used offline and away from the organisations network, it also integrates quickly and seamlessly into AGROBASE Generation II® or AGROBASE Cloud™.

Data is syncronized with the AGROBASE server or with AGROBASE Cloud once the tablet returns to Wifi range or through a mobile data connection (i.e. 3G/4G/LTE).

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Getting Started With AGROBASE Generation II®

Agronomix Software - Behind You For The Long Run

What is success? Agronomix Software is your partner in plant breeding and variety testing. Our mission, is your success.

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Plant Breeding Software Solution from Agronomix Software

Discover AGROBASE Generation II®

If you would like to know a little more about our software solution for plant breeding and variety testing then we recommend you start with our Discovery Tutorials. Simply register for an account and choose from seven 5-minute videos which provide an overview of the CORE system and each module. There's also one that explains how AGROBASE Generation II can be implemented.

Agronomix Support

Registered users of AGROBASE have access to unlimited technical support, upgrades and new releases for the duration of their active license. AGROBASE Generation II® is an evolving and powerful software product.

Our staff are experienced in plant breeding and agronomic research including a PhD in quantitative genetics. We recognize the investment and commitment you have made with our software and your need for qualified and on-going technical support.

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The Agronomix Learning Centre Universities and colleges are increasingly offering online courses. We believe that intelligent, highly-scientific software, such as plant breeding software, should have an eLearning option. Our Learning Center has over 120 tutorials to help our clients maximize their return on investment by giving new or established staff a method for developing their knowledge or recapping from a classroom training course.

Training Courses In-person training courses are still highly valuable. Every year scientists and researchers all over the world are trained in the use of AGROBASE through one of our public training courses, through a university elective or in a private training course.

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