International Partnerships

To better help our clients globally maximize their ROI with AGROBASE Generation II and AGROBASE Tablet, and respond to product and sales inquiries across time zones, we have teamed up with the following companies.


The Exclusive Agent is:
King Technology Solutions

Please contact King Technology directly:

Mr Vinayak Borole Patil, Founder & CEO

204, Shri Swami Samarth Complex
Opp. Dagdushet Halwai Ganpati
Appabalawant Chauk
Pune-411 002

Phone: +91 (20) 3052 5386

Mobile: +91 99210 25555

Fax: +91 20 4121 6660




Sales, Service and Basic Support provided by:
Agronomix Europe SAS

Through our partner in southern France, Agronomix Europe, we can provide basic installation assistance, sales and billing information as well as invoicing in Euros (if desired) all and the same great service you get from dealing with our office in Canada. Agronomix Europe is VAT registered and if you would prefer to be invoiced in Euros Agronomix Europe can provide that service.

Republic of South Africa

Authorized Training Provided by:
Agrowizz, Bethlehem

Now employed by Agrowizz, Diederick Exley has used AGROBASE since 1993 while a wheat breeding technician at the Agricultural Research Council from 1983-2011. Diederick was involved in the release of 19 successful wheat varieties that dominated Southern Africa and that are well known by international wheat breeders making use of CYMMIT material.

Diederick has given a number of AGROBASE training courses, provides consulting with AGROBASE, and can also respond to sales inquiries in South Africa with software demonstrations of AGROBASE. Diederick is also engaged in contract work involving the use of AGROBASE within a client company.

Diederick’s contact details are:

Tel & fax: (27)58 303 9508
Cell: (27)83 273 9203
All technical support for AGROBASE Generation II, AGROBASE Tablet and AGROBASE Cloud is provided directly by Agronomix Software, Inc.

Product Recommendations

Generation software
from CulturaTech

Generation is rapidly becoming the industry standard software solution for seed management. Being able to handle data from seed production through to distribution, Generation software is the logical progression from AGROBASE Generation II®.

Like Agronomix, Cultura Seed Solutions has been recognized as a world leader in the seed industry by Seed World magazine. Articles relating to Business Management Systems by Mike Dorris and Vincent Veneziale can be found below.

CulturaTech Seed World INSIDERS

Environmental Growth Chambers
from Conviron

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and with regional offices and distrubutors around the world, Conviron is the world-leader in controlled plant grown research chambers. Whether you need reach-in chambers or a walk-in growth room Conviron are the number one choice for controlled agricultural biotechnology research.


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