AGROBASE Authorized Trainer - South Africa

Farm fields Western Cape, South Africa

The Agronomix Software authorized trainer in the Republic of South Africa is Diederick Exley, with Agrowizz, based in Bethlehem.

Diederick has used AGROBASE since 1993 while a wheat breeding technician at the Agricultural Research Council from 1983-2011. Diederick was involved in the release of 19 successful wheat varieties that dominated Southern Africa and that are well known by international wheat breeders making use of CYMMIT material.

Diederick is now employed by Agrowizz:

Diederick has given a number of AGROBASE training courses, provides consulting with AGROBASE, and can also respond to sales inquiries in South Africa with software demonstrations of AGROBASE. Diederick is also engaged in contract work involving the use of AGROBASE within a client company.

Diederick’s contact details are:

Tel & fax: (27)58 303 9508
Cell: (27)83 273 9203