Training Courses led by an Agronomix Instructor

In person and face-to-face with an experienced PhD Plant Breeder

Since 2015, 400 people have attended personal training in AGROBASE Generation II® in 14 countries.

AGROBASE Generation II regional training courses provide interaction with an instructor in a relaxed classroom-like setting (scroll down for photos from recent courses). Courses are typically taught in a hotel meeting room, with all participants bringing their own laptop. An emphasis is placed on hands-on learning and course participants are given the opportunity to use their own data and files during the course. You do not even have to be a registered user of Generation II – we can provide a 30-day demo version license for you. All courses are conducted with the most current version of Generation II, and taught only in English. Our regional courses are currently offered annually in Canada (Winnipeg), Germany (Frankfurt), Australia (Adelaide) and the US (St. Louis). There have also been courses in some years in India (Hyderabad), Uruguay (Montevideo), the Republic of South Africa (Bloemfontein, Bethlehem), Thailand (Bangkok) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). We also offer private training courses for seed companies, government organizations, and academic institutions – please see below.

Training Course

Regional Training Courses - Introductory to Advanced

Our typical regional training course is five days in duration. We start with introductory topics and move on to more advanced topics on day three. The sequence of topics is designed to accommodate trainees with limited or no prior knowledge of the software, as well as intermediate to advanced users.

Introduction: The First Two Days

If you are new to the software, and would like training right from the beginning, then you would take the first two days for the most basic introduction towards a foundational proficiency in using the software. You will learn many of the basic tasks, operations, features, and capabilities of the software that are required for more advanced proficiency. This introduction emphasizes the "agronomic system" and does not consider any of the modules. One very important topic is learning how to import your past data and experiments. By the end of the two days, you will have your own "research group" (relational database) in AGROBASE Generation II, typically with some of your own data.

Intermediate/Advanced: Days Three and Four

If you have a strong working knowledge of AGROBASE Generation II, or have completed the introductory first two days, then these next two days will give you a good proficiency in doing basic data analysis, as well as the varietal comparisons, image display, and plant breeding modules. We will not assume any knowledge of statistics beyond the very basic. Day three focuses on data entry and analysis, and working with stored means. The fourth day concentrates entirely on the plant breeding module. If you are not interested in the plant breeding capabilities of the software, but only in data management and analysis for variety trials for example, then you would take the first three days in the course. If your goal is to cover all the modules and learn the entire system, then you would take the first four days.

Advanced: Days Four and Five

Day four focuses on the breeding system in depth. The fifth day focuses on seed inventory and how this module integrates with the rest of AGROBASE Generation II – especially in terms of breeding hybrid crops. As time permits and as per interest from the trainees, day five can cover a series of more advanced topics related to some of the modules, more advanced reporting techniques, development of more complex logical expressions and assumes a solid working knowledge of the software. Depending upon your proficiency in the software and your needs, you could take the last three days, thus moving from an intermediate to an advanced level of proficiency.

Dr. Dieter K. Mulitze

Which Days Should You Register For?

Beginners should take the first two days for sure, and then days 3 or 4 and maybe even day 5, depending upon their needs. More experienced "intermediate" users can come for day 2 to 3, 4, or 5, depending upon needs. Users with considerable experience would consider days 4 to 5, and maybe also day 3 as a refresher. For more information, see the five-day agenda. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the appropriate days of the course, please contact us.

Available Courses

Private Training Course

Private courses can be arranged on your site or at a location of your choosing and customized to fit your specific needs. To accommodate organizations having similar needs, courses can be arranged in a central location where the cost of a course is shared. For more information, or to request a quote for a Private Training Course, please contact us.

In response to the increased demand worldwide for AGROBASE and now AGROBASE Generation II, customized and standard, regional training courses have been held at private seed companies, universities, international agricultural research centers, and government organizations since 1990. Such courses have been held in North and South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific.

AGROBASE Training Courses - Our Trainees

July 2018 - Adelaide, Australia

June 2018 - Winnipeg, Canada

May 2018 - Seedworks International

April 2018 - Noble Research Institute

March 2018 - Nagpur, India

February 2018 - Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

January 2018 - Frankfurt, Germany

July 2017 - Barenbrug AgriSeeds, New Zealand

July 2017 - Adelaide, Australia