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For quotations or pre-sales information for AGROBASE Generation II® software licenses, please contact us at We look forward to learning about your research program, objectives, and requirements for a software solution. Then, we can provide you with an accurate and relevant quote, concerning which modules to include with the CORE System plus the number of installations and users for your software license of AGROBASE Generation II.

Are you at an academic degree-granting organization? If so, please inquire about our special prices for academic organizations as part of your quotation. Or do you work at a government or non-profit organization? If so, please also inquire for the relevant pricing. Whatever the type of organization, including seed companies and other commercial organizations, there are volume discounts that may apply, whether for stand-alone PCs, or concurrent users for a local area network (LAN) or running with Citrix for worldwide connection across the internet. Software licensing typically involves downloading the software from our web site and activating the software upon payment for the license.

If you have questions regarding invoicing or accounting, please contact us at This is also the email to contact for new registration codes, and instructions on how to find your ID number and Serial number.

Special note: For government purchases in the US, like the USDA-ARS, we are registered with System for Award Management (SAM), formerly the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) and the On-line Representations and Certifications.


For any questions about the software and its capabilities you can contact

If you currently use the software and need assistance in using it, or have found an error, please go to our main Support Page.

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