The Totally New Variety Testing
and Plant Breeding Software

Agronomix Software

After over six years of sustained software development, we are pleased to release Genovix.
The full system with Plant Breeding and Seed Inventory is now available.

This completely new software is developed from almost thirty years of input from plant breeders and variety testers around the world. In fact, several people have spontaneously remarked "This looks just like software developed for plant breeders by plant breeders". Genovix offers the capabilities of the well-known and widely used AGROBASE Generation II, but in a fresh, new, modern .NET interface. Genovix uses a lot of icons and ribbon bars for a very intuitive, consistent interface.

After years of interacting with our clients in support and training, we have developed an interface that makes it easier and faster than ever to manage variety trials and support plant breeding programs. We know this from everyone who has seen a demo of Genovix, who comment that it seems so easy to use. Almost everyone notices the "Excel-like" interface, so they immediately feel at home in the system.

Everyone is impressed with the column or view manager, where columns are selected once for a given view and then used instantly. Working with experiments, nurseries, germplasm data and more becomes easier and fast. Just a few clicks and you can go from all early agronomic data to just quality data or just pathology data across all experiments or nurseries, for example. This saves a huge amount of time. The views can even be assigned to individual users as part of the security system.

Genovix plant breeding software logo

Our current AGROBASE users who have seen the software tell us that they think they can quickly learn Genovix. The same "philosophy" is there as in AGROBASE, but of course completely re-built. More drag and drop and visual tools, more data visualization and so forth.

We have retained the "tree explorer" as seen on the left, but more dynamic and functional. By clicking on each main "node", like Genotypes & Treatments, the users’ unique system folders appear, in as many layers or hierarchy levels that the user needs. The Agronomic System holds all the variety and agronomic research trials, while the Breeding System holds all the components for breeding programs. Traits, Locations, Field Plans, Years and Seed Inventory nodes all serve the upper three nodes.

Microsoft SQL Server is again the back-end database, as in AGROBASE Generation II. However, Genovix has a more complex relational database architecture allowing for more possibilities for the user. Many algorithms have been further optimized allowing for faster and more powerful database processing. As before, you can view all data for a given trait, or all data for a genotype, query the database for all or some data for a few or many genotypes, and so much more. The find and search tools are easier and faster than ever.

Genovix Mobile has been developed initially for android OS mobile devices, allowing for efficient off-line data collection from fields, greenhouse and laboratory to Genovix. A version for Apple OS will be developed for the future, and for the Windows OS tablets.

The Learning Centre on our web site has a growing number of Genovix tutorials and will provide an invaluable resource for on-line training and quick adoption of the software. Our over 1,200 AGROBASE Generation II users with accounts on the Learning Center have made good use of the 120+ AGROBASE tutorials and will no doubt do the same with the forthcoming Genovix tutorials.

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