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Implementation is foundational for the effective use of any software. We develop a unique, customized implementation plan for every new client.

To help clients overcome any "mental roadblocks" or concerns about using new R&D software, there must be an implementation plan. Successful implementation has many steps, but it certainly involves understanding the exact needs of the client. We take into account the crop or crops involved, where and how the clients’ data is currently stored, their data flow and requirements through each year or season, their objectives and expectations of the new software, specific needs for customization and related considerations. We can advise on deployment and software installation. As plant breeders ourselves, we understand the client’s needs.

Probably the most asked question regards importing the client’s past data, which is often in many disconnected spreadsheets over years. We recommend starting with the current year and as time allows, working back in time. Our software, as a fully relational database system, has many efficient import tools that begin to connect data and genotypes automatically. We prefer to have clients send us, in confidence, sample files which we will edit as needed in order to develop a starting database for the client. We then send the starting database to the client over the internet, along with details on edits to the files to optimize the data import.

Software Implementation meeting

The next steps involve scheduling web sessions for some initial training as well as any assistance needed in completing the implementation. Some of the implementation can be on-site, and any private customized training could also be on-site and even using a client’s database. After implementation, we follow-up periodically to ensure the client is using our software effectively.

We strive to ensure a successful software implementation in the client’s timeframe, with ROI as soon as possible with our software.

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