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Over 1,200 breeders and researchers from all over the world access our over 130 on-line tutorials and videos to increase their proficiency in using our software.

The Learning Centre on our web site is available 24/7 for all our clients at their convenience. The tutorials are indexed and arranged by categories, enabling immediate access of the relevant content. Tutorials are from about five to thirty minutes long, with a table contents for short segments to let the user control the pace of learning and review as needed.

Our users often watch tutorials before attending a training course to thereby increase their comprehension and retention of what they learn, as well as viewing them after a course as a refresher. Our larger corporate clients especially appreciate the fact that with staff turnover, there is immediate on-demand training for the new staff. We want to ensure that all our clients are effectively using our software, hence our early focus on e-learning.

Online tutorials

On-line training offers additional value in the software license and helps to increase the return on investment.

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