Training and Education

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Every year we train over 100 plant breeders and variety testers around the world, via regional public courses or private courses for seed companies, government organizations and universities.

Our training courses are all conducted by a PhD in plant breeding. We understand variety testing and plant breeding, and therefore the needs and challenge of our trainees. Private training courses are tailored to the needs of the client, with dialogue before the course as to the exact topics and emphases. Our courses are typically five days long to cover the entire system in sufficient depth, although depending upon need and competency a trainee can take a minimum of two days. Trainees involved in variety testing typically take the first three days.

Because of the demand for our software globally, we annually offer regional courses in Frankfurt, Germany (late January) for our European clients, St Louis Missouri, USA (early February) for our US clients, Winnipeg, Canada (early June) for our Canadian clients, and Adelaide, Australia (mid-July) for our Australian and New Zealand clients. Some of our larger corporate clients have sent their trainees to our courses in Europe, the US, and Australia as the courses rotate around the world, thereby saving on travel costs. Regional and private courses have been held in North and South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific.

Training and education

With every new license we include several hours of live, online, personal training with one of our PhD-level Plant Breeders. We understand your crop, your needs and what you want to accomplish with our software. We can also conduct customized on-line training for clients.

Training by our plant breeders in our software will further strengthen your research programs.

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