Mobile Data Capture

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Agronomix Software

Off-line data capture has many advantages over field books or entering data into a spreadsheet.

With our mobile application, you can download experiments and nurseries onto an Android® phone or tablet (iOS® and Windows® coming for Genovix, Windows tablets with AGROBASE available currently) from the Genovix® SQL database while connected to the internet. The same tablet could hold experiments or nurseries for different breeding or variety testing programs. Take photos or enter data in the field or greenhouse, even on a whole field basis with any of sixteen different walking directions.

Data input can be on a plot, subsample, repeated measure or individual plant basis. Your location at a specific plot in the field can be connected to your stored field map. Add a defined trait to the nursery or experiment open on the tablet. There are many options to customize the interface and save time in data entry. When done and again connected to the internet, upload many thousands of data points with any images, securely and exactly synchronized to an Genovix SQL database.

Our users in several continents appreciate the considerable amount of time saved each year with this secure application.

Scientist with tablet in potato field