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Software for Plant Breeding and Variety Testing from

Agronomix Software

Our software solution supports the breeding of many field, vegetable, flower and horticultural crops.

Many breeding systems are supported – self and open pollinating, inbred development, hybrid, doubled-haploid, male sterility, clones, polycrosses, synthetics and more. From our interaction with breeders globally since 1990 across a wide range of crops, we have developed many practical tools and options for customization in nomenclature, pedigrees and population advancement among others. All stages of a breeding program are supported - germplasm data management, cross prediction, crossing blocks, pollination actions, advancing segregating populations, backcrossing, line conversion, nursery management also with mating layouts for hybrids, selections and more.

Our advanced relational database architecture facilitates data linkages and a history of genotypic development across generations, dendrograms, linking molecular data, marker assisted backcrossing, viewing selected traits of parents with any population or cross. Store data on individual plants within populations for selection or crossing. Digital photos of genotypes linked to breeding data are especially relevant for vegetable and horticultural crops breeding programs. Statistical and genetic analyses plus data visualization support breeding and selection. The breeding system is closely integrated with the variety testing and seed or stock inventory system.

Scientists in greenhouses with tomatoes

Manage your breeding program efficiently, save time, increase your ability to develop and identify superior genotypes.