Agronomix Software - Support Methods and Policies

Agronomix Software provides four methods for learning how to use AGROBASE or Genovix:

If you are still stuck with a problem after you have gone through one, or more, of these study approaches we are here to support you.

You can also consult the on-line Knowledgebase on our web site, with lots of information and answers to many issues and needs when working with AGROBASE and even installation issues.

Knowledgebase books in a PC

Implementation Support

Implementation support includes help with:

  1. Installation or removal of the software.
  2. Removal of a SQL Server instance hosting an old version of the software databases.
  3. SQL Server Services actions, Stop, Start, restart.
  4. SQL Server services TCP/IP, name, protocol, configurations.
  5. Installation of the software via web meeting.
  6. Configuration of firewall settings to allow connection to SQL Server.
  7. Determining PC name, domain or workgroup, IP address, DNS Server name, router IP to properly establish connection through LAN, VPN, Terminal Services, cloud.
  8. Working with our client’s IT team to explain the different AGROBASE Generation II or Genovix deployment options; standalone, client-server, VPN, cloud.
  9. Migration of AGROBASE Generation II or Genovix from one server to another using our recommended IBR process(Install-Backup-Restore)
  10. Migration of AGROBASE Generation II or Genovix from one server to another using the IBA process(Install-Backup-Attach process)
  11. Recover passwords in most cases (email from registered account is required)
  12. Migration of AGROBASE Generation II from version 18 to SQL
  13. Migration from AGROBASE Generation II to Genovix
  14. Configuration help with connection settings of AGROTab

Implementation support does not include help for:

  1. Formatting hard drives.
  2. Installation of Windows operating systems.
  3. Scanning your PC for viruses
  4. Installation of anti-virus software
  5. Configuration of VPN Server
  6. Configuration of Local area network, Wide area network, domain, Citrix server, VMWARE, Windows Azure.
  7. Configuration of network policies.
  8. Migration of AGROBASE Generation II or Genovix by moving the SQL Server database.
  9. Recovery of passwords where verification process has failed.
  10. Takeover of the software installation process within your organisation. We are available to assist, provided that someone from the client’s organisation has been assigned to oversee the installation.

Software Support

Software support includes help for:

  1. Software Errors - If you get an error message in AGROBASE/Genovix, send us a screenshot and document the steps that lead to the error. In many cases we will also ask for any related import or report files. As soon as possible, we will provide a workaround or a bug fix to correct the problem.
  2. Any analysis that does not produce the expected result, or causes an error.
  3. Clarification on the existence and usage of functions and equations.
  4. You are unable to login to the software.
  5. You are following the steps described in the videos but not getting the expected results or getting an error.
  6. You are following the steps described in the Help file but not getting the expected results or getting an error.
  7. You are a new user and after watching the associated video you need help importing one type of experiment, running head to head, generating crosses, synching the tablet…
  8. Help with the customization of a report. We won’t design a report or label for you but we will answer questions relating to the use of the report writer and its tools, and help you with report errors.
  9. R-scripts provided by Agronomix – we will provide assistance if you have problems with the R-script files provided by Agronomix Software.

Software support does not include:

  1. Importing all of a client’s past research data. We will help you import a few experiments, nurseries, entry or treatments lists, and related files, so that you understand how the process works.
  2. Design of custom reports.
  3. Development of equations and functions.
  4. Designing clients planning plans (XPLAN).
  5. Biometrical consulting or advice – we assume users have sufficient knowledge to design their experiments with the appropriate statistical analysis in mind.
  6. R statistical package - Agronomix Software does not provide support for the R statistical package.
  1. R is a free statistical software package that our clients can download and install.
  2. AGROBASE and Genovix contain links to R that allows R can to analyze experimental data stored in the software.
  3. AGRONOMIX Software does not provide help with R scripting.
  4. AGRONOMIX Software does not provide consulting for the R statistical package.
  5. The data obtained from any R analysis is to be used at the client’s discretion.
  1. Where assistance provided would go beyond our normal support, we can provide assistance at $350 CAD per hour (minimum charge 2 hours or $700, unused complete hours must be used within 60 days) once we know the scope of the project and our estimate of costs for this extra service has been approved by the user. We do offer this as an extra service to our clients, so that client’s needs are met where possible by Agronomix Software.

Support is no replacement for training

Normally*, every year AGRONOMIX Software hosts training courses in Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe, and other locations in some years. These courses are open to all AGROBASE/Genovix users and prospective clients. If you are unable to attend one of these courses, we can also send a trainer to your organisation (usually for 3 to 5 days) to provide training tailored to your research program, your daily tasks, and your data. All such trainings are charged extra – please ask us for more information on costs. We do not provide training over the telephone or over the internet. However, customized training over the internet as in a web session can be provided for an extra fee.

Hours of Operation

Technical support is available from 9am to 5pm (CST), Monday to Friday each week, from our Winnipeg Office. Limited or no technical support is available when our office is closed on statutory holidays.

Data Security

AGRONOMIX Software Inc recommends that all clients have a solid but simple disaster recovery and security plan.

Basic principles:

  1. Take the 5 day training course, the data is safe in the hands of the trusted users. Know how to use and secure your data. We have had users deleting all their populations’ data by accident.
  2. Create backups of your research groups daily, weekly, monthly; All depends on your organisation; answer this question to help you decide how often you should backup : if your PC/server were to crash today, and you have restored your last backup, how long would it take to re-import the data not present in the most recent backup?
  3. Configure Replication with Database Mirroring with SQL Server Enterprise, Workgroup, standard editions ( ask your Database Administrator)
  4. Keep a backup copy on the cloud, another PC (not on the same PC, not in the same building)
  5. With full SQL Server installation, ask your IT team to run audits of who access the data and when.

These are recommendations, but it is the individuals responsibility to implement them. Agronomix is not responsible or liable for any data lost or corrupted.