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AGROBASE Cloud® provides Cibus breeders global access to centralized system.

Case Study - Cibus

Benefits of AGROBASE

Integrated data analysis. No need to buy or license a statistics package since many usual statistical routines are built right into our system. There is even a spatial statistical analysis which reduces the CV in a field trial with estimable field trends. Trials rejected due to high CVs are costly to any research program.
Randomizations for experimental designs. Many experimental designs are directly integrated into the system, from randomization to analysis, such as split plots, factorials, lattices, alpha (0,1), RCBD, Latin squares, group balanced block, and more.
Tools to monitor research progress. Means for all analyses are automatically stored in the system for single-factor analyses, like variety yield trials, immediately ready for many types of reports. Critical decision tools include multi-year summaries for up to twenty years, complete with rolling averages for varieties that typically are unbalanced over time. A ‘head-to-head’ report will compare one variety to another or several other varieties from all experiments in common over all years and locations or any subset thereof. Key research decisions and budget allocations require some measure of progress over time. Incorrect or less than optimal decisions can prove costly.
Efficient import/export tools. Inevitably for any software system, data must be imported or exported, especially in conjunction with data loggers, palm-pilots, and co-operators in the same organization or external. An efficient set of tools have been developed to assist the user in importing data into a relation system, and quickly exporting data for any number of reasons. The most popular file formats are Excel® and dBASE® files.